Portaperros Trans Dog II Transporte para perros de caza El transporte para mascotas La mejor opción para transportar sus perros

The best option for transporting your pets, TransDog II

Maximum load size : 42 Kg. | Weight : 38Kg. | Volume : 250 l

The Trans Dog II, has been developed with the latest technologies, using optimal materials to meet all of the expectations you could have for the transportation of your animals.
Trans Dog, is an excellent outside-of-vehicle alternative for your animal companions, and an alternative to the wheeled trailers that we at Lafuente® make according to the needs of each client.

El transporte para mascotas se llama TransDog

¿What is the Trans Dog II?

The ideal product to transport your dogs in complete safety, comfort and hygiene. By being an extension of the trunk, it has independent space for the animal. That means:

Comfort 92%

  • Design intended to improve the comfort of the compartment
  • Large opening at the entrance to the compartment
  • High-grade, heat-insulating material for increased comfort
  • Ventilation openings designed to keep out rain and at the same time guarantee a fresh flow of air

Hygiene 85%

  • Drainage slots to make interior cleaning easier
  • Detachable (and replaceable) floor for cleanliness
  • Interior materials that are easy to clean

Safety 89%

  • Anti-theft system that fixes the TransDog to the vehicle
  • Key-accessed inlaid locks to secure the compartment
  • A secure gate-opening system that avoids unintentional closures

Easy transport and installation 94%

  • Lightweight material
  • Transport wheel system equipped with gas springs
  • Transport wheel mechanism that reduces the set up and take down time of the unit
  • Easy trunk access, even with the TransDog installed

Aesthetics 99%

  • Curved design that makes it aerodynamic and more attractive to the eye
  • Materials that add quality to the design
  • Immersive design that camouflages the metallic structure of the chassis Platform is so well-adjusted to the crate that the metallic structure isn’t noticed
  • Unit’s front door, which folds like a car trunk, seems like an extension of the vehicle
  • Tail lights and license plate integrated in the unit

Durability 100%

  • Highly resistant material that withstands impacts, twisting and corrosion


1180 mm
750 mm
620 mm
Weight when empty
38 kg
250 l.

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